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Educational Services to Develop Students’ Different Variaties of Potential, Competence, Knowledge, and Experience in Elementary School (Published)

Education plays an important role to give a service to students particularly to those who have various kind of potential. Therefore, it needs to formulate the concept of educational services that can develop the potential of diverse students. This case study used a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) technique conducted in Jakarta, Bandung, and Surakarta. The research found out the concept of educational services for various kinds of students’ potential with the needs of strengthening school principal management involving students’ parents’ association, home visit, improve teaching and learning using various kinds of teaching methodology and teaching and learning tool.


Keywords: Education, Elementary School, School Management, Teaching and Learning, parents’ association, potential

Identifying the Problems of Indonesian Primary School Teachers in Developing Learning Devices (Published)

This study aims to picture the ability of Indonesian elementary school teachers in developing learning devices as well as the problems they encountered and their needs. The research subjects are learning devices (curriculum, syllabus, lesson plan, teaching materials, learning media, evaluation instrument, and student work books). The data were taken from schools and teachers, document of learning devices, the organizers and managers of education units. The data was collected through interview technique, documentation, and observation; while the technique of data analysis is done descriptively-qualitative. The results showed that (1) the ability of Indonesian elementary school teachers in preparing instructional devices still need to be maximized. Although the quantity of its existence has been in accordance with the provisions of the national education standards agency, however, the quality can only reached an average of 9.78%; (2) the problems faced by elementary school teachers in preparing learning devices, namely: (a) unclear technical guidelines for the preparation of the curriculum and syllabus; (b) lesson plan is developed  limited to administrative needs; (c) learning materials did not analyzed optimally; (d) instructional media did not designed properly; (e) the determination of evaluation tool and follow-up of learning was still very limited; (3) in designing learning devices, teachers need to understand some aspects, such as (a) the design of lesson plans, (b) the development of learning models and methods, (c) the development of media and teaching aids, (d) the development of learning implementation scenarios, and (e) the development of learning evaluation devices.

Keywords: Curriculum, Elementary School, Learning Device, Syllabus, Teachers’ Competence

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