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Conceptual Maps Strategy

The Effectiveness of Using Conceptual Maps Strategy to Treat the Weakness of the Acquisition of the Scientific Concepts for the Students in North Hebron Directorate (Published)

This study aims to identify the effectiveness of using conceptual maps strategy to treat the weakness of the acquisition of the scientific concepts for the students of 4th grade in Omar Ibn Abdelaziz Secondary School – Bet Enoon for north Hebron directorate. The participant of the study consists of eight students of fourth grader, teachers and guardians in Omar Ibn Abdelaziz Secondary School for Girls in the first semester of the academic year 2016-2017. The researcher built a test in the unit of human body to evaluate students’ performance in these lessons. The validity of the exam was measured by a group of specialists and experts who are in the field of education and teaching. The researcher has formed the improvement program to prepare lessons in the structure of concepts maps activities, and presentations of the digestive system lessons. The study started on 17-9-2016 after the approval of the concerned parties at Al-Quds university, Ministry of Education and the Principal of the school to apply the study and ended on 23-10-2016 and the exam was applied to measure the influence of the improvement program on cumulative. The study concluded that there is an effectiveness for conceptual maps in treating the weakness of the acquisition of scientific concepts for 4th grade students in Omar Ibn Abdelaziz Secondary School – Beit Enoon for North Hebron Directorate. In the light of the results of the study, the researcher recommended to consider the concept maps as a strategy in teaching “Science and Life” as it has a positive impact on acquiring the required scientific concepts and taking into account students’ different levels at the  primary stage and using the modern teaching methods in a way that takes into account the individual differences among students, and it also recommended to conduct similar studies to other grades in science and other courses

Keywords: Conceptual Maps Strategy, Effectiveness, Weakness of the Acquisition of the Scientific Concepts.

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