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Appropriating Digital Citizenship in the Context of Basic Education (Published)

This research assessed the teachers and learners awareness as to the elements of digital citizenship namely: digital law, safety and security, etiquette, literacy, communication, access, commerce, health and wellness and rights and responsibilities at Harvest Christian School International. Ribble (2015) noted that students today have always had technology in their lives. Likewise, educators of all skills level may not understand how to use technology effectively. Hence, both students and teachers need to become members of a digital citizenry. The study utilizes the descriptive research method. Percentages, weighted mean and standard deviation were used to analyze and interpret the data and t-test for the significant difference.The findings revealed that the group respondents’ were moderately aware as to the elements of digital citizenship. Both group respondents’ were significantly different from digital law to digital rights and responsibilities awareness. This has implied that the teachers and learners unprepared to their duty as responsible digital citizen. Privacy setting awareness is the top issue and concern of the group respondents’ relating to digital citizenship. Posting of digital citizenship tarpaulin as to the nine elements in conspicuous places,  making of school digital citizenship handbook,   and teachers training,seminars and workshops that addresses law, safety and security, etiquette, literacy, communication, access, commerce, health and wellness and right and responsibilities serve as output of the study it is also recommend to support the respondents’ group in their teaching and learning process, towards the attainment of the importance of being a responsible digital citizen.

Keywords: Administration and Supervision, Cebu, Cebu City, Descriptive Research, Digital citizenship, Philippines

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