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Optimization of Biogas Production from Municipal Solid Waste Using Response Surface Methodology (Published)

This study investigated the development and simulation of CSTR for biogas production from municipal solid waste. The factors affecting biogas production studied were pH, retention time and organic loading rate. Optimization of the parameters were done using Minitab and desirability optimization function shows that percentage error between predicted optimal responses and actual optimal responses is less than 2%, making the desirability function adequate in optimizing the factors affecting the yield of biogas from MSW. Under the process of continuous stirring of the Bio-digester tank and optimization of the process conditions, the digestion of the substrates subjected at different process parameters with these conditions averagely gave biogas yield of 67.588mL biogas/mg. This showed an increase in the production of Bio-gas.

Keywords: Response surface methodology, biogas production, continuous stir tank reactor, municipal solid waste, optimization

Investigating the Effect of Loss-Of-Pressure-Control on the Stability of Water-Cooled Reactor Design Models (Published)

To investigate loss-of-pressure-control on the stability of a typical water-cooled reactor design models during operation in terms of normal applicable pressure within reactor core and abnormal applicable pressure within reactor core. Linear Regression Analysis Techniques was applied on a typical water-cooled nuclear reactor design models, viz Water-Cooled Reactor Design with Normal Pressure (WCRD NP) flow rate within the reactor and Water-Cooled Reactor Design with Abnormal Pressure (WCRD AP) flow rate within the reactor. Empirical expressions are obtained for WCRD NP model and WCRD AP model. The results of the statistical analyses on these two types of nuclear reactor models reveals that the WCRD NP promises to be more stable than WCRD AP. The implication of this research effort to Nigeria’s nuclear power project is discussed

Keywords: Linear Regression Analysis, Safety Factor, Stability Margin in Nuclear Power Reactor Designs, Water-Cooled Reactor Design Model with Abnormal Pressure, Water-Cooled Reactor Design Model with Normal Pressure, optimization

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