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Direct Reduction Plant Alternator Synchronization Using DC Motor and Synchronous Generator with Complete Reduced Machines Transient


Direct Reduction Plant alternator synchronization using D.C. motor and synchronous generator with complete reduced machines transient is presented. This is very significance in the industrial world. Direct Reduction plant is an iron making process plant for the new era which utilizes natural gas to reduce iron ore to produce Direct Reduced Iron used in steel industry. An alternator is an electrical generator that converts mechanical energy into AC electrical energy. Synchronization is connection of an alternator into the grid in parallel with many other alternators that is live of constant voltage and frequency. Transient stability is one of the major factors for proper operation of the Direct Reduction plant production systems that lead to major system collapses. The stress on Direct Reduction plant machines systems is increasing day by day, due to faults, economic and environmental pressures, sudden load change, deviation of active power and frequency. This phenomenon constitutes negative threat to Direct Reduction plant stability. The study was carried out to examine the capacity and transient stability on the Direct Reduction plant machines to withstand disturbance while quality of service is maintained. The effect of improper phase condition upon the synchronizing process, phase sequence of three phase power line, direct current excitation effect upon the power deliver by alternator, power delivered by an alternator upon the torque delivered by the prime mover. The challenges were solved and analyzed using individual machine with the help of accurate step by step integration and Electrical Transient Analyzer Program MatLab software. Swing equation was solved using advanced Runge-Kutta’s method. An experiment was conducted in Electrical Engineering laboratory and machines transient stability of the plant was improved by 64 percent averagely. The results were depicted graphically for machines dynamic behavior studies and recommended for Technician and Engineers in steel and related industries

Keywords: Hybrid, beat-frequency, excitation, flicking, iron ore., synchronization, tooth-tooth

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