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Effects of Slash and Burn Method On Soil Ecosystem and Climate Change Possibility in Ekeya-Okobo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria (Published)

Man’s environment is under constant threat through slash and burn method which is a traditional way of land preparation for subsistence farming in the study area that has resulted to environmental costs and benefits to farmers with little or no knowledge about the costs such as emission of NO2, SO2, SO3, NO, CO and CO2 to the atmosphere.   To ascertain these, the effect of slash and burn method on soil ecosystem and climate change possibility was evaluated.  The study was done through soil survey and literature review. . The study was performed at Ekeya- Okobo during the planting season between December –march, 2016.  Burn and un-burn plots were arranged in a RCBD with three replicates. Data were statistically analyzed for variance (ANOVA), and significant means were compared using Duncan multiple range test.  Methodologically.  soil samples were collected at the depths of 0-15cm and 15-30cm   during pre and post slash and burn periods. The soil samples collected were analyzed for physical and chemical characteristics with emphasis on  TN, TOC, and Avail. P. for climate change implications. From the results obtained at the depth of 0-15cm from burning, showed pH was moderately acidic to neutral, increase in  soil fraction such as clay and TOC, OM, TN, Ca2+ , Mg2++, +Na+, CEC ,  Avail.P and Bs while un-burn recorded low values accordingly. Between the two plots sampled, Changes of physical and chemical parameters were significant at the  P :< 0.05 probability level. An increased in TOC, TN  and P at the  soil  surface  through  severity of fire  alongside the existing CO2 and heat caused  their  disappearance via volatilization to the atmosphere leading to the possibility of climate  .


Keywords: Climate Change, slash and burn, soil ecosystem, volatilization

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