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Integrating Renewable Energy and Smart Grid Technology into the South Asian Electricity Grid System (Published)

The electricity situation in South Asian can be described as epileptic with no sign in view of improvement. This epileptic power situation affects the manufacturing, service and residential sectors of the economy which in turn affects the country’s economic growth. Even with the recent reforms in the power sector, more than half of the country’s population still lack access to electricity. The epileptic condition of the power sector can be attributed to the inadequate and inefficient power plants, poor transmission and distribution facilities, and outdated metering system used by electricity consumers. This paper attempts to present the way forward for the South Asian    poor electricity situation by reviewing the power sector as a whole and the renewable energy potentials. We identified the problems in the national grid and then proposed a smart grid model for the South Asian    power sector which will include renewable energy source. We believe that the content of this re-view paper will solve the poor epileptic condition of the power sector in South Asian and also enable the proper integration of smart grid technology into the national grid.

Keywords: Epileptic Power, National Grid, Power Sector, Renewable Energy, smart grid

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