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Engineering and Design Pedagogy in Nigeria (Published)

Of recent there have been more changes in instructional systems formats, new theories and contending issues on the changing trends in classrooms dynamics. New informational values, goals and objectives which have led to diverse strategies and technologies of teaching and learning are numerous and varied. Some forces (internal and external must have prompted these measures out of sincere concern or out of the realities on ground. These forces have been very imposing, symbolic and unique. Unfortunately, most classroom teachers especially in developing countries like Nigeria are yet to prove their worth in terms of serious input into the use of new instructional media (strategies, materials and tools) in the classrooms. This is regrettable and should not be so. There have been several factors which include lack of training, inadequate financial and material resources, conservative traditions and inappropriate. Design and Engineering. Pedagogy draws heavily from several disciplines such as Economics, Political Science, Philosophy, Psychology and Sociology. Pedagogy can be seen as the theory and practice of existing educational policies and practices, establishments and systems, seeing the world from every side and angle based on exploration, entrapments and expectations. Design and Engineering Pedagogical practices in Nigeria have been shrouded with skepticism and very many unexplained questions some described as ridiculous and difficult, complex and inappropriate. Teaching is not always on what happens in the classrooms or solely on theoretical realms, but also on making the concepts and material relevant to the people, environment and the forces of nature.

Keywords: Design Pedagogy, Engineering, Instrumental system Format, Nigeria

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