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Comparative Analysis

Assessment of Dredging cost through Comparative Analysis A case study of Dredging System in Lagos Metropolis (Published)

Globally, dredging removes sediment from sea, river, and lake beds and moves it. Both descriptive and inferential statistical methods were used to organize and analyze the data. This study found that the conventional dredge (CD) has a higher production capacity than the transporter dredge (TD), but a higher production cost. Both traditional and transporter dredging methods cost about the same per unit volume to mine sand. TD manufacturing at Nidest Integrated Company costs and volume are slightly higher than CD in the first two months. In six months, the CD had a total cost/volume of ₦3849 for sand dredging, while the TD had ₦3268. Prime Engineering Company has a total cost/volume of ₦3121 for CD and ₦2664 for TD. Except for the CD at Nidest Company, the cost/volume drops over time. CDs cost more per volume than TDs for both suppliers. The independent t-test supports the null hypothesis, showing that CD and TD companies produce the same volume and cost. Prime Engineering Company’s Pearson correlation investigation showed a substantial positive and statistically significant correlation (R = 0.909, N = 6, p-value = 0.012) between transporter and conventional dredgers. However, Nidest Company had a weak positive and non-significant connection between TD and CD (R = 0.571, N = 6, p-value = 0.236). The findings imply that TD is cheaper than CD, despite CD’s higher daily manufacturing capacity.


Keywords: Comparative Analysis, Mining, Sand, dredge, operation improvement

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