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‘’Japa’’ Syndrome: Causes, Effects and Solutions for Sustainable National Development (Published)

It is no longer news that the ‘’JAPA’’ syndrome is a national issue which has paralyzed virtually all sector of the economy nationwide. The study assessed ‘’Japa’’ syndrome causes, effects and solutions for sustainable national development. ‘’Japa’’, means to run, to flee or to escape. This is coined from Yoruba language which is used to describe the massive exodus of Nigerians to other countries and search of greener pastures. The causes identified includes bad governance, unemployment, insecurity which has resulted into terrorism, banditry, kidnapping for ransom. Incessant strikes in tertiary institutions and poor working conditions. The effects of the mass migration include Brain- drain, lack of expertise or competent hands in various field such as health, education, technology, artisans among others. In other to find solutions to the problems of JAPA syndrome it was recommended that the government should brace up with improving the economic situation of the country by providing employment opportunities, by also encouraging entrepreneurship by giving loans with little interest to willing entrepreneurs. The government should improve the security of the nation so as to encourage investors and expertise to develop the nation’s economy. By providing infrastructural facilities and making the work environment conducive for work and the workers thereby reducing Brain-drain among others.

Keywords: Security, Terrorism, Unemployment, japa syndrome, work environment

The Insurgence and Socio-Political Economy In Nigeria (Published)

This paper examines the issue of Boko Haram insurgence and its implications on socio-political economic in Nigeria. We used survey questionnaire based on economic, social and political activities in the country, data were collected from stakeholders with evidence from newspapers. The findings include the following; the activities of the insurgency have crippled the economic activities which are as results of unemployment, poverty and illiteracy in the Northern-part of Nigeria. This suggests that this may constitutes serious threat to lives and property of Nigerians thereby hindering business activities and discouraging foreign investors. We find that the role of religious leaders encourage the activities of the insurgency, the political elite in the Northern-part of Nigeria also contribute to the insurgency as a result of bad governance. We recommend that Government must be proactive in dealing with security issues, use modern methods of intelligence gathering, adequate training, and motivation among security personnel and encourage the youth in going to school.

Keywords: Boko Haram, Political, Questionnaire, Security, Socio-Economic, Terrorism, and Government

Terrorism and the Challenge of National Development: Rethinking the Nigerian Dilemma (Review Completed - Accepted)

Terrorism in whatever dimension poses threat and insecurities to human existence in regards to which defenseless nations live in perpetual fears and anxiety. Knowing full well that Security is presently a major challenge in Nigeria and Nigerians are killed on daily basis and in their numbers. Though the government claims to be on top of the situation, the problem persists. The effects of these acts of terrorism are the threats they posed to national security, peace, unity and development of the country. This paper examines Terrorism and the Challenge of National Development, rethinking the Nigerian Dilemma. It provides a basic discourse on the concept of terrorism and national development while focusing on basic issues such on the development perspective. It also analyzes the implications of terrorism which range from economic crises to political instability. This paper observes that there is a negative relationship between terrorism and development in accordance with literature and hence recommends that the government should take the business of addressing issues of terrorism as priority one on the agenda.

Keywords: Dilemma, National Development, National Security, Political Instability, Terrorism, Underdevelopment

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