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rice of dregs

Technical Efficiency of Dreg’s Rice Production in Benin: Case of the Municipality of Savè (Published)

The aim of this article is to study the technical efficiency of the rice producer of dregs of the municipality of Savè and to identify the determining factors of the production of the rice in the optics of a sustainable agricultural productivity. The results of the estimation of the border of production show that the technical efficiency of rice producer is situated between 72.02 % and 98.25 %, with an average technical efficiency of 90 %. The access to the cash credits, the quantity of agricultural inputs, the membership in an agricultural cooperative and the quantity of seed improved by rice determine the technical efficiency of the production of the rice in the municipality of Savé in Benin. These results reveal the existence of the possibilities to improve the agricultural technical training, the academic level and educational. These agricultural practical basic possibilities are necessary conditions to increase better rates of efficacy technique of the production of the rice of dregs

Keywords: Technical Efficiency, agricultural practices, border of possibility, rice of dregs

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