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Hiv/Aids in Pregnancy Process and Endogenous Life Fluctuation in Least Developed Economics (Published)

This article studies transmission risk from mother to child during the pregnancy process where the immune system acts like health defense in an endogenous growth model with epidemiological literature. When the transmission risk becomes positive, the system defense also increases in order to stop the pandemic propagation. Since a given level is crossed, fixed points are ruled out, then cycles and chaos arise, thus makes population growth tends to zero. The social planner’s intervention in order to ensure population growth reaches the steady state defines a unique optimal path where per-capital capital must be monotonic and increasing in development economics. The application of the theory shows the existence of a stable locus where the gap between lives fluctuations and the steady state tends to zero.

Keywords: Chaos, Cycles, Epidemiology, Growth, Infectious diseases, Spectrum Convergence, optimal steady state

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