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Effects of Oral Contraceptive Pills on Ovarian Tissues in Female Wistar Rats (Published)

The study was designed to investigate the effect of Oral Contraceptives Pills on Ovarian tissues in female Wistar rats. Thirty adult female Wister rats aged 10-12 weeks with about 150-200kg were used for this study. The rats were allotted to three groups of 10 rats each comprising 20 treated and 10 control group, the treated rats received 0.18mg/kg for each cycle received brown tablet 75mg/kg of microgynon and microlut received 0.03mg/kg orally for 72 days. group one serve as control group fed with vital feed and distilled water. While group (2) were treated with microgynon lenovorgestrel 150mg and Ethinylestradiol 130mg and brown tablet containing ferrows Fumarate, all contain 28 pills. Group three treated with microlut levonorgestrel 130mg contain 35 tables, all drugs were administered for 72days.  At the end of the experiment, all animals in each group were sacrificed a day after the end of the last dosage administered of extract under chloroform anesthesia. Results from the experiment shows that there was an effects of the oral contraceptive pills used on the test subjects. In figure 1, which is the control group, all ovarian structures were present including the graffian follicle. But after the experiment, the two experimental groups observed showed absent of graffian follicle. This indicate the effects of the oral contraceptive pills used. The progesterone inhibit ovulation by acting on leutinizing hormone via a negative feedback mechanism.

Keywords: Effects, female wistar rats, oral contraceptive pills, ovarian tissues

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