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noncompliance and exclusive breast feeding

Factors Influencing Non-Compliance to Exclusive Breastfeeding among HIV Positive Mothers Attending Selected Government Owned Hospitals in Lagos State, Nigeria (Published)

The objective of this study was to evaluate the factors influencing non-compliance to exclusive breastfeeding among HIV positive mothers attending selected government owned hospitals in Lagos state. This study is a descriptive study carried out among 297 HIV positive mothers selected using multi stage sampling technique. Structured questionnaires were used for data collection with reliability index of 0.95. Data obtained was analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistic and data were presented in tables and figures. The outcome of the study shows that 35.7% of respondent only breastfed their babies while 64.3% practiced mixed feeding. The factors identified to influence compliance include: Fear of transmitting HIV infection through breast milk, Cultural factor (df=1, P<0.001), level of education (df=3, P<0.001), social stigmatization and discrimination (df=1, P<0.001), spousal and family support  (df=1, P<0.001), and  maternal knowledge about HIV transmission (df=1, P=0.029).  it is therefore important to work on those factors identified in this study by individual, organization and government towards the improvement of practice of exclusive breastfeeding among HIV positive women.

Keywords: HIV positive, HIV/AIDS, Mothers, noncompliance and exclusive breast feeding

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