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Y-chromosome variation in Basrah population (Published)

DNA profiles of Y-chromosome are useful in forensic science and population genetic.  this study conducted a total of 191 unrelated male’s analysis of the Y-chromosome verity in different regions of Basrah. This variety was explored by utilizing a system of 17 markers. For a uniparental system, observed the vast majority of   haplogroups in the population of Basrah (R1b, J2, E1b1b, G2a, and J1) Originally from the Middle East and later spread to Western Eurasia.In all likelihood, Thirty percent of Y-chromosomes Landings   from distant, inaccessible regions.   This paper evaluates the level of haplotype diversity, as well as its implication for statistics. The distinctive extent of long geogenetic input observed for the Y-chromosomes seems to Display that gene flow events can mainly involve males in this region.

Bassim Muften Ohied, Adnan Issa Al-Badran (2022) Y-chromosome variation in Basrah population, International Journal of Dentistry, Diabetes, Endocrinology and Oral Hygiene, Vol. 4, No,1, pp, 39-49

Keywords: Basrah population, Genetic diversity, STR, Y chromo¬some, forensic genetics

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