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Mine Ventilation System Variable Resistance Regulate Air Quantity Economy and Its Impacts On Artisanal Mine in Ivory Coast


The artisanal gold mining is one of the major illegal activities in Ivory Coast. Thousands of indigents and foreigners including men, women and children are involved in this dangerous activity. Contracting contagious diseases such as HIV/AIDS and multiple lung diseases are commonplace on the artisanal mining sites due to the air pollution. For this reason, the differential analysis, research mine ventilation system by changing the working windage adjustment for air flow of the economy, identifies factors, obtained discriminant variable resistance air volume control economic quantitative criteria for underground actual situation of joint variable resistance method and economic variable resistance than the concept of the development of effective mine ventilation system to improve air quantity adjusting rheostat economical way. The findings of this study can help lead to the safety of mining practices in order to improve health and safety of the miners who are involved in artisanal mining activities in Ivory Coast and other mining sites over the world.

Keywords: Ivory Coast; mine ventilation system; air volume control; economy; joint variable resistance; economic variable resistance ratio

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