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Implementation of granite mass management system (MMS) in commercial granite quarries- a scientific solution for assessment of recovery percentage-case study based on indian context (Published)

Mass Management System (MMS) is considered as an important tool within the operating system of commercial granite quarries which are spread across the southern peninsular India where huge deposits for exploiting  both black  and multicolored granite varieties occur. The history of commercial granite exploitation dates back to late sixties and is now considered as one of the commodities having potential for earning foreign exchange besides for employment generation in rural sector. With the exponential growth of the granite industry during recent times, the quarrying techniques have been advanced by adopting the  State of the Art  technology to suit its mass exploitation. Due to various geological factors like regional tectonics and associated structural styles viz. faults, folds, shear fractures, restrict its recovery to the minimal and as a result huge quantity of granite wastes generate in all the quarry fronts causing a major environmental problem. In this context, implementation of MMS in quarries play  a vital role in enhancing its recovery percentage and also for proper upkeep of  records quantifying the total mass generated within approved   mining scheme period of five years vis a vis establishing the actual recovery of saleable blocks in that quarry. This will help the quarry owners not only to prognosticate the  monthly production but also to safeguard at  times of crisis whenever any dispute arise with Government authorities in quantifying the saleable blocks and for payment of huge penalty amount  running to several crores of rupees. As such maintenance of such records is mandatory as per Granite Conservation and Development Rules 1999, it is observed that most of the quarries lack proper data or  no scientific method adopted to quantify the total  mass of granite excavated in a particular quarry month/year wise. Therefore, based on  the problems experienced by quarry owners during recent times, it is apprehended the need for a scientific method viz MMS for implementation  in quarries not only to defend themselves at times dispute with authorities but also to plan their quarry operations  in a more meaningful manner

Keywords: Implementation, Indian, commercial granite, granite mass management system (MMS), quarries

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