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Effect of Cassava Mill Effluent on Microbial Properties of Garden Soil – Eziobodo Imo State Nigeria (Published)

An assessment of the Effect of Cassava Effluent on Garden Soil was made. Two soil samples were collected; one from a farmland polluted with cassava effluent and, another as an unpolluted sample – free from cassava effluent pollution. The microbial analyses were carried out to investigate the effects of the cassava effluent on the soil microbial qualities of garden soil. Results showed that unpolluted soil sample was normal, while the results of the polluted soil sample showed extinct or absence of normal garden soil microbial fauna with the presence of Staphylococcus aureus which are more harmful than good wherever they are found. However, the presumptive identification of fungi in the polluted soil sample showed presence of Candida sp. The results of the bacteriological count showed absence of coliform bacteria, and the Triple sugar iron and various biochemical reactions showed the absence of bacteria such as Bacillus sp which possess nitrogenise and is able to fix atmospheric nitrogen. Such genus of bacteria could stimulate plant growth by colonizing plant tissues – external or internal and providing fixed nitrogen to the host plant. Also various species of Bacillus have the ability to increase plant nutrients in soil. Bacillus forms positive interactions (symbiotic) involving bacteria and fungi to stimulate growth in plants. Many strains are capable of inhibiting pathogenic growth or activity directly and indirectly in soil. Enlightenment campaign, detoxifying cassava effluent in accordance with regulatory Standard, appropriate method(s) of environmental friendly disposal of both solid and cassava wastewater are recommended for safe and healthy environment.

Keywords: Cassava effluent, Contamination, Environment, Microbes, Pollution, Soil

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