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Roles of Interdependence Projects of Oil and Gas Multinational Corporations in Host Communities in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria


The focus of this paper is on the roles of interdependence projects of oil and gas multinational corporations in host communities in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. The paper explored the concept of interdependence as well as the concept of interdependence projects in oil and gas multinational corporations. The highlights of the paper also include interdependence projects as palliative measures to community development in host communities in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, interdependence projects as sustainable community development projects in host communities in Bonny Island of the Niger Delta region of Nigeria, Bonny Utility Company (BUC) and management of Bonny electricity project. The paper identified the prospects of interdependence projects to include the followings namely: promotion of improved relations among the relevant stakeholders, promotion of an increased production and exploration of new reserves, promotion of mutual co-operation between the oil and gas multinational corporations and their host communities in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria as well as enhanced interaction among others.

Keywords: Host-communities, Interdependence Projects, Niger Delta Region And Nigeria, Oil And Gas Multinational Corporations, Roles

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