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Relationship Between Clan Culture and Performance of Public Secondary Schools in Turbo Sub County, Kenya


Performance indicates how effectively and efficiently business strategy has been implemented. It has been associated with the extent to which organization achieves its goal. This study treated Performaance of Secondary schools in terms of achievement of national goals of education which include promotion of social, economic, technological and industrial skills assessed in terms of academic performance. The process of goal achievement involves daily organizational operations which constitute organization culture. This study sought to find out whether there is any relationship between clan culture and performance of public secondary schools in Turbo Sub-county, Kenya. The study will add knowledge to the existing literatures on clan culture and performance. It will benefit various entities and education stakeholders. The study was hinged on goal setting theory proposed by Edwin Locke, Cameroon and Queen Model. Reviewed literatures on the topic exhibited some inconsistencies which prompted this study to be conducted. Correlational research design was adopted targeting all 31 public secondary schools across Turbo Sub County. Stratified random sampling procedure was employed and self-administered questionnaires and document analysis guide were used in data collection. The sample size of 181 teachers with TSC registration and permanently employed was used. Pearson product moment correlation and regression model were utilized in data analysis. The study found positive and significant relationship between clan culture and performance of secondary schools in Turbo Sub County. The study therefore recommends the schools to nurture and embrace clan cultural traits to enhance performance of public secondary schools across Turbo Sub County, Kenya. 

Keywords: Clan culture, Performance, Public Secondary Schools

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