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The Impact of Total Quality Management on Organizational Performance: A Study of First Bank Nigeria Plc


This study is an attempt to examine the Impact of Total Quality Management (TQM) on organizational performances, A Case Study of First Bank plc. The research further focuses on the approach adopted by organizations that has implemented the concept and the rate of success achieved. This prove that effective Total Quality Management implementation can improve their competitive abilities and provide strategic advantages in the market place. The major objective of the study is to ascertain the impact of Total Quality Management implementation in the organization, and adoption of Total Quality Management practices among staff of First Bank plc in Uyo. The survey research design approach was adopted for the study. The target respondents were staffs of 11 branches of First bank plc operating within the study area. A sample size of 168 employees were adopted for this study and were assessed using the systematic sampling technique. The main data used were from primary sources gathered with the use of a likert scaled questionnaire. Data gathered were analyzed with the Pearson’s Product Moment Correlation (PPMC) Analysis at a 0.05 significant level.  The major finding of the research is that all staff of First Bank Plc. is fully involved in the practice of Total Quality Management in their day to day business, the aforementioned organization agreed that Total Quality Management have impact in organizational performance.

Keywords: Performance, Total Quality Management, customer focus and management leadership

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