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Exploring the Determinants of the Demand for Pottery Products in Nigeria for National Economic Advancement (Published)

The obvious decline in the demand for pottery wares in Nigeria is worrisome as the trend is pushing many potters out of business. Meanwhile the nation needs to harness all its resources for economic growth, but the pottery, through which the resources could be exploited seem not to enjoy patronage. In this work, literatures were reviewed to fathom the determinant for the demand for pottery. It was discovered that the attributes of the pottery wares, price of alternative imported pottery wares, and that of vessels made of materials other than clay, effect of poor advertisement, taste, interest and orientation, and the income of the consumers are the major determinants for the demand for pottery wares. Homemade tiles, personalized pottery, and ceremonial wares are pots with unique selling points identified for the potters to engage in. The Nigerian potters needs to improve on the qualities of their products in order to compete favourably with imported wares and wares made of plastics and metals at the market.

Keywords: Attributes, Consumers, Demand, homemade tiles, pottery, unique selling point

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