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The Impact of Coronavirus (Covid 19) On the Economy in the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia: A Review (Published)

Ever since the appearance of the coronavirus, a state of intense anticipation arose over its evolution until it began sweeping through a large number of countries in the world and became a global epidemic, threatening all societies and peoples. The spread of such epidemics will necessarily have economic, political, and social implications. With the spread of this virus, the economic interests of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be negatively affected in many sectors, including tourism and many others, as well as low oil prices. This article focuses on the negative impact of the coronavirus on the economy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and how the Kingdom has tried to get out of this crisis and confront it, as well as plans for life after the coronavirus.

Keywords: COVID-19, Management, Policy, Saudi Arabia, coronavirus

Impact of Saudi Arabia Economic Changes (Oil Shock) 2016 on Consumer Purchasing Habits; With Special Reference to Retail Shopping In KSA (Published)

Consumer behaviour is a complex phenomenon, consisting of a set of decision-making processes, economic determinants and market incentives. The complexity of the buying processes of consumers may be largely linked to a sensation that ‘s hard to predict and control. However, consumers are a primary source of income for business organisations, so knowing their behaviour has a great importance for the survival of business and market prosperity. For this, the researcher focuses primarily on highlighting the effects of the current economic recession (oil shock) of Saudi Arabia among the behaviour of consumers, in particular for household goods. An explorative research followed by descriptive research has been taken. Primary data has been obtained through a close-ended questionnaire, and it was collected using online Google form and the personal basis from the consumer of Saudi Arabia during January 2017 March 2017. Following receiving the data, it was examined with deceptive statistics. Chi2 test at P. Value 0.05, correlation coefficient has been utilised to check the validity and reliability of the hypothesis, and results were interpreted accordingly in the article.  It was investigated that the majority of the respondents had a negative impact of the current economic crisis on the household purchase. Besides, it was also found that there was a variation in opinion among the respondents regarding the changes of their household consumption and expenses before and after the economic crisis (Oil shock).

Keywords: Consumer Behavior, Consumer Perception, Economic Crisis, Household, Oil Shock, Retailing, Saudi Arabia

E-Commerce Activities through E-Banking Services: A Comparative Analysis of the Perceptions of Saudi Islamic and Conventional Banks Customers (Published)

Purpose – The aim of this paper is to explore and evaluate customers’ use of e-commerce activities through e-banking services in Saudi Islamic and conventional banks through analysing the perceptions of their customers. Design / methodology / approach -This paper presents the initial findings with the objective of developing a better understanding of customers’ preferences based on their opinions and perceptions expressed through a questionnaire survey with a sample of 198 Islamic and conventional bank customers representing six banks in the country. Findings – The findings indicate that the order of preferences in terms of mean ranking is similar in both types of banks in five out of six cases. Based on the application of K-W and MW-U tests, the findings also show that independent variables have turned out to be more significant in Islamic banks than in the conventional banks. Research limitation / implications – The study has considered six banks out of the total of 12 in Saudi Arabia. In addition, the research is based on a limited selection of bank customers in three main regions of Saudi Arabia.Practical implications – With reference to practical implications, the findings suggest that e-commerce activities can play a significant role in expanding the dealing of e-commerce through e-banking services in Saudi Arabia. Originality/value – This is the first paper in the area of exploring and evaluating customers’ use of e-commerce activities through e-banking services on a comparative analysis of Islamic and conventional banks in Saudi Arabia. The findings and implications of the research offer invaluable information to the industry and policy-makers.

Keywords: E-Banking services, E-Commerce, Islamic and conventional banks, Saudi Arabia

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