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Corporate Overheads and Operational Performance of Brewing Firms in Nigeria (Published)

The study examined the effect of corporate overheard on the operational performance of firms in the Brewing Industry in Nigeria. The specific objectives of the study were to ascertain the effect of sales and marketing expenses, administrative expenses, and company income tax expenses on earnings per share of breweries in Nigeria. The study adopted an ex-post-facto research design, covering the period between 2015 and 2022. Secondary data were extracted from the annual reports and accounts of sampled breweries in Nigeria. Multiple regression techniques were used for test of hypotheses. The findings of the study indicate that sales and marketing expenses, administrative expenses, and company income tax expenses do not have a statistically significant effect on the earnings per share of breweries in Nigeria. These non-significant relationships suggest that variations in these expenses do not significantly impact the profitability and financial performance of breweries in terms of their earnings per share. These findings highlight the need for further exploration of other factors that may influence profitability in the brewing industry in Nigeria. The study therefore conclude that corporate overheads does not significantly affect operational performance of breweries in Nigeria. The implication of the finding is that there is a need for breweries in Nigeria to consider a broader range of factors beyond the studied expenses to enhance their profitability and operational performance. The study, therefore, recommends that breweries should consider incorporating additional financial performance indicators, such as return on assets, return on equity, and gross profit margin, to gain a comprehensive understanding of their financial performance and identify areas for improvement. In addition to financial indicators, breweries should focus on non-financial factors like product quality, customer satisfaction, brand reputation, and market share, as these can significantly impact profitability and overall competitiveness. Breweries should analyze all aspects of the value chain, including production, distribution, procurement, and overhead costs, to identify opportunities for cost optimization. Managing cost drivers effectively can improve cost efficiency and enhance financial performance.


Keywords: Earnings per share, Financial Performance, brewing industry, corporate overhead, cost optimization, operational performance

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