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Applying Artificial Intelligence to the Digital Marketing: Opportunities and Challenges for the Marketer (Published)

The present work aims to explore the role and factors that influence the interaction between marketing and artificial intelligence, the developing role of the marketer in the digital age, and the effects of artificial intelligence on the marketing process. Through a comprehensive marketing analysis, the research highlights the emerging power that Artificial Intelligence is exerting in all the marketing and production phases. The article is divided into three phases: the first phase focuses on the transition from traditional to digital marketing, emphasizing how new technologies had a significant impact on the commercial scene. The focus transitioned to the operational frame of AI into marketing operations, recognizing the latter’s ability to add value throughout the modern consumer’s conversion funnel. Following that, the inquiry yielded exciting ideas for possible future developments. Finally, the presentation provided a complete overview of the transition of marketing to digital and the function of artificial intelligence in this context.

Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Digital Marketing, consumer trend, digital ecosystem, marketer

Digital Marketing and Consumer Behaviour of Selected Deposit Money Banks in Lagos State, Nigeria (Published)

The banking sector is a service-based industry that offers a variety of financial services to customers. To improve their market share, banks often fight for consumers. The boundaries between sectors are being blurred by digital technologies. With the introduction of digital marketing by banks and the ability for deposit money institutions to effectively listen to and track brand discussions, a substantial new potential for achieving desired consumer behavior has emerged. Traditional cash transactions and physical banking remain popular in Nigeria, despite the growing use of the internet in the banking industry. The study, therefore, examined the effect of digital marketing on consumer behavior of selected deposit money banks in Lagos State, Nigeria. The research design for this study was survey research design. Convenience sampling was used to select 377 respondents. The data gathered was analysed using regression analysis. The results of the simple linear regression analysis revealed digital marketing (β = 0.569, R2 = 0.363, t = 15.993, p<0.05) had a positive and significant effect on consumer behaviour of selected deposit money banks in Lagos State. The study concluded that digital marketing is a relevant factor in determining consumer behaviour of selected deposit money banks in Lagos State, Nigeria. Based on the findings, the study recommends that deposit money banks should continuously improve their digital banking services and provide more services that can be done via mobile phones and networks as this would allow customers are constantly exploring these platforms which would eventually trigger consumer behaviour of existing and potential customers to transact with their banks.


Keywords: Consumer Behaviour, Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, Social Media Marketing, e-mail marketing, mobile marketing

Contemporary Digital Marketing Practices in Food Chains in Pakistan (Published)

The very research explores the contemporary digital marketing practices in food chains in Pakistan. The research explores how the digital marketing practices opted by leading food chains in Pakistan are impacting the sales of these food chains. The research has also explored that what digital marketing techniques have been deployed by the food chain and how the different online digital medium to be used for effective advertising. The research is quantitative in nature and a detailed survey questionnaire was developed for the collection of the data. Four external variables i.e Brand Image, Brand Feeling, Brand Resonance and Brand Judgement have been taken to see their impact on Customer Experience. Study results show that external variables have an impact on Customer Experience in the digital marketing sphere.

Keywords: Brand Feeling, Brand Image, Brand Judgement and Customer Experience, Brand Resonance, Digital Marketing, Food Chains

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