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Effect of Bank Specific Factors on Bank Loan Performance in Nepal (Published)

This study examines the effect of bank specific factors on loan performance of commercial banks in Nepal. Bank size, capital, deposit, liquidity ratio and lending interest rate are taken as bank specific factors. The study has conducted correlation and regression analysis using panel data of twenty four commercial banks during the period of 1996 -2017. The empirical results show that bank size, capital and deposit have positive impact on bank lending. Hence, commercial bank willing to increase lending should increase its capital, even more than regulatory standard. Further banks willing to lend more should expand their total assets and deposit. Liquidity ratio and interest rate have negative impact on bank lending. Thus, commercial banks willing to increase bank lending, should be careful in maintaining minimum liquidity requirement and interest rate fluctuation. Central bank willing to increase bank lending to productive sector should encourage banks to decline their lending interest rate.

Keywords: Bank Lending, Capital, Deposit, Interest Rate, Liquidity Ratio, Regression, Size

The Affects of Capital, Labor, Science and Techonology on Economic Growth of Daklak Province from 2011-2016 (Published)

Nowadays, economic growth is one of the central issues that attracting attentions of many countries in the first development stages (Edelstein Dan, 2015). As one of five provinces in Tay Nguyen, located in the border development triangle of Cambodia – Laos – Vietnam, Dak Lak has a strategic position of three countries in terms of politics, economy, society, national security and defense, ecological environment (Politburo, 2011).In the development process, Dak Lak has been exert to maintain a stable economic growth rate in many years, so it has increased the quality of people’s living (Politburo, 2011). However, in the development process, the economic has still grown in width, many potential have not been discovered and utilized effectively, the infrastructure is backward and the competitiveness is very low. In order to help the leaders have general, in-depth understanding about economic growth, the study based on methodology of meta-analysis, descriptive analysis and inferential analysis to evaluate the contribution of capital, labor and science and technology on the economic growth of Daklak province. From study results, the paper suggested some recommendations for promoting economic growth in the province.

Keywords: Capital, Cobb-Douglas, Icor, Labor, Tfp, economic growth

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