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Estimation of Serum Albumin in Pregnant Women in Braithwaith Memorial Hospital, Rivers State, South- South Nigeria (Published)

Serum albumin also known as blood albumin is found in vertebrate blood. A test of serum albumin measures the amount of protein in the clear portion of the blood. The possible levels of serum albumin was determined in a group of pregnant women in their first, second and third trimesters including cases of preeclampsia. Forty five (45) blood samples from pregnant women were collection via venipuncture at the Braithwaite Memorial Hospital Port Harcourt using sterile 5ml syringes. Twenty (20) non-pregnant women blood samples were utilized as control. The Bromocresol green (BCG) binding method was employed. Descriptive statistics, variation plot, mean separation plot using Duncan Multiple Range Test and the single factor ANOVA were used for the analysis of data. Result inter alia revealed that mean values of serum albumin 3.62g/100ml, 3.42g/100ml and 3.25g/100ml correspond with first, second and third trimesters respectively. Preeclampsia and the non-pregnant cases had serum albumin level of  2.73g/100ml and 4.90g/100ml correspondingly. It was discovered that as the gestational age increases so the decrease in the mean serum albumin across the trimesters including preeclampsia cases except the non-pregnant cases. Also, the low level of serum albumin in the preeclampsia patients is a call for concern therapeutically. Thus, pregnant women are encouraged to visit healthcare facilities to ensure early diagnosis and prompt management to prevent morbidity and mortality associated with preeclampsia.

Keywords: Albumin, Albuminuria, Preeclampsia, Pregnant Women, oedema., serum

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