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Perspectives on Protein-Nucleic Acid Interactions on the Regulation of Biosynthetic Pathways in Bacteria and Fungi (Published)

Bacteria and fungi have developed stringent and sophisticated mechanisms for the control or regulation of both anabolic and catabolic pathways for survival of the species. The control of aromatic amino acid biosynthesis has been extensively studied in fungi and bacteria, and it is clear that nature has evolved many solutions to the problem of control in branched pathways. It is pertinent to understand that these control or regulatory mechanisms have been detected or depicted in only a few selected bacteria and fungi, and they have in vast cases been untested and unproven to occur in several other bacteria or fungi; however, when ardent research is extant, they are obtainable or discovered. Certain normal mechanisms by which bacterial and fungal cells regulate or control their metabolic activities are stated in this paper. This study of protein-nucleic acid interactions in the regulation of amino acid biosynthetic pathways in bacteria and fungi reveals the unique regulatory mechanisms in these organisms.

Keywords: Bacteria, Proteins, fungi, nucleic acids, pathways, regulation biosynthetic

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