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Socio-Cultural Shifts in The Representation of Gender (In)Equality in Africa


Like anywhere else, many African societies were historically characterised by traditional gender roles and patriarchal structures, where men held dominant positions. Over time, social and political discourse on gender (in)equality in Africa has seen growing commitments to reflecting on and addressing gender disparities and equality promotion. Outside social and political discourse, literature has provided a platform to challenge stereotypes and traditional gender-based roles. African authors have portrayed the struggles, resilience, and agency of women in navigating societal expectations, patriarchal structures, and cultural barriers preventing empowerment. Through a Critical Discourse Analysis of a set of francophone African novels, this study provides insights into socio-cultural shifts in the perceptions and representation of gender (in)equality in francophone Africa. It highlights how literary representations both reflect and shape the ongoing discourse surrounding gender (in)equality. It concludes that current socio-cultural shifts in societal expectations vis-à-vis gender-related power structures in Africa can foster impactful gender empowerment.

Keywords: Gender Inequality, Gender roles., critical discourse analysis, cultural barriers, patriarchal structures, women empowerment

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