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Consumers Knowledge of Symbolic Names and Meanings of Ghanaian Fabrics (Published)

Generally, Ghanaian fabrics are unique and authentic, with each bearing traditional riches that express more pride in their national history, physical, material or symbolic gestures to benefit the indigenous Ghanaians. The fabrics have symbolic names and meanings, based upon which this study investigated consumers’ knowledge of symbolic names and meanings of Ghanaian fabrics and their impact on consumer purchase intentions. A quantitative research design was adopted for the study with a targeted population of 3,490,030  that visit the various clothing and textile shops in the Kumasi Central Business District (KCBD). The sample size for the study was 385 participants. Purposive and convenience sampling techniques were used in selecting the respondents. A questionnaire was used as an instrument to gather information from the respondents. The returned questionnaires were coded and keyed into SPSS-23.0. The data gathered were analysed using descriptive statistics in the form of frequencies, percentages, mean and standard deviation. The study revealed that the customers have little knowledge about Ghanaian fabrics’ symbolic names and meanings. It was concluded that Ghanaian fabrics had symbolic value, with names and meanings attached and consumers had little knowledge about the Ghanaian fabrics they use. The study recommended that manufacturers could embark on social, cultural and traditional events as part of their promotional programmes to educate and remind consumers to appreciate their rich culture and the symbolic value of the Ghanaian fabrics.

Keywords: Consumers, Ghanaian fabrics, Knowledge, names and meanings, symbolic value

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