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Assessment of Cow Milk Production Practices and Marketing System of milk and milk products in Soddo Zuria District, Wolaita Zone, Ethiopia


This study was conducted to assess the cow milk production practices and marketing system of cow milk and milk products in Soddo Zuria District, Wolaita Zone, and Southern Ethiopia. To conduct the study, one sample district (Soddo zuria) was purposively selected based on dairy cow potentiality and milk products marketing. 162 dairy producers’ households both highland and midland producers in the six major kebeles representing the Soddo zuria district area in Wolaita zone, southern Ethiopia, were selected using a multi-stage sampling techniques, questionnaire based formal survey were employed to collect both quantitative and qualitative data on cattle milk production practices in the district and a Rapid Market Appraisal (RMA) techniques were used to assess the marketing system of milk and milk products. Two main dairy production systems; mixed crop-livestock production system (78.9%) and urban dairy production (21.1%) were identified. In the study district, local dairy cows (88.8%) and HF/Jersey crossbred cows (11.2%) raised by smallholder farmers. The average cattle herd size of households was 1-3 heads. From local cattle breeds, cows (2.8%) and calves (3%) mainly dominate the herd composition, while heifers (1.9%) and oxen (1.3%) represented small percentage. Average milk off-take from indigenous and their crosses (HF or Jersey) cows was 1.4±0.22 and 6.43±0.34 litre/head/day, respectively. The overall mean milk off take from local cows at first, second, and third lactation stages were 2.23±2.85 litre, 1.52±2.28 litres and 0.72±1.23 litre, respectively while for crossbred cows it was 4.53±0.621, 7.06±1.72 and 4.43±0.85, respectively. The overall average lactation length was 8±0.19 months for local cows, while it was 9±0.57 months for crossbreed cows. Overall mean CI was 16.15±5.1 months for local cows, while it was 20.01±5.53 months for crossbreed cows. Mean AFC for local cows 4.15 years, while their counter crosses had 3.12 years. In general, the market share of whole milk and other milk derivatives (fermented milk) was almost negligible, while butter was comparatively the most marketable commodity in study area. Lack of fodder, low milk yield, poor quality of fodder/roughage and high price of concentrate feed were mentioned by farmers as major constraints of milk production. The rapid urbanization of Soddo town, subsequent increase in human population and the willing of farmers can be considered as good milk production opportunities in the study area. Dairying can be improved by solving constraints such as feed supply, veterinary care, and milk processing facilities, AI services, and extension services and developing efficient marketing systems.

Keywords: Breed type, Marketing, agro ecology, milk production.

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