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Demonstration of Dual Purpose Chicken “Potchefstroom Koekoek” Packages at yeki District south west Ethiopia (Published)

Dual-purpose poultry package demonstration a demonstration took place in Selam Kebele, Yeki districts, Sheka Zone. The aim was to demonstrate the Koekoek chicken breed and technological packages under the supervision of farmers. Participating farmers and kebele were purposefully chosen depending on their areas of interest. Training was provided in data recording, feed preparation, health care, and housing and feeding of chickens. Each farmer received twenty (20) 45-day-old chicks as part of the demonstration. According to the National Veterinary Institute’s and the National Poultry Research Program’s schedules, chickens were vaccinated against Marek’s, Gomboro, and Newcastle diseases from the time they were one-day old. Up until week 20, the average chicken mortality rate was 10.0%. The first egg laid by chickens was discovered around 173 days; their ages range from 173 to 281 days. At 20 weeks of age, the average weight of a male chicken was 1.4 kg, while the average weight of a female chicken was 1.1 kg. 14,295 was the net benefit of raising Koekoek chickens. In summary, this breed has been accustomed to scavenging and partially scavenging producing zones inside the current system, which provide suitable shelter, sustenance, and quality health services. In comparison to native and other exotic chicken breeds, Koekoek chickens are generally in higher demand in the study area.

Keywords: Demonstration, dual-purpose, koekoek chicken

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