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Evaluation of Rural Households Practices For Climate-Smart Agriculture Technology In Zamfara State, Nigeria (Published)

This study assessed the Climate Smart Agricultural Practices (CSAP) adopted by arable crop farmers in adapting to climate change and environmental issues in Zamfara State, Nigeria. Multistage sampling techniques was used to select six local government areas in the state. Three hundred and fifty (350) farmers were randomly selected and administered questionnaire. Sets of standardized questionnaires survey and interview were used to elicit information on CSAP from the farmers. The data were analyzed using descriptive statistics, Total Factor Productivity (TFP), and Least Squares Regression (LSR). The analyzed results were presented on tables and charts. The results show that the prevalent CSAP adopted by the farmers were: cover cropping, application of organic manures, adoption of minimum tillage, practice of crop rotation with legumes, usage of mulching, application of inorganic fertilizers and planting of improved seed varieties. Results of the determinants of TFP estimate reveals that age (-1.328), education (0.427), farm size (0.41), organic fertilizer (0.48), access to extension services (0.342), cover cropping (0.023), inorganic fertilizer (.47), improved seed varieties (0.503), crop rotation with legumes (0.54), access to credit facilities (0.273) significantly contribute to productivity at different levels of significance in the study area. While age impacted negatively on productivity, all others impacted positively on productivity. The study concluded that CSAP had positive impacts on crop productivity. The study recommends the adoption of sustainable CSAT such as the use of organic and inorganic fertilizer, cover cropping, and the use of improved seed varieties; provision of agricultural credit facilities to the farmers and availability of extension workers in the study area. 

Citation: Alhassan, Y.J, Sanchi, I.D, Ikpe, E., and Norbert, S. (2023) Evaluation of Rural Households Practices for Climate-Smart Agriculture Technology in Zamfara State, Nigeria, International Journal of Agricultural Extension and Rural Development Studies, Vol.10, No.1, pp.47-59

Keywords: Climate Change, Farmers, Productivity, csap


The study was aimed at analyzing and ascertaining the role of farmers social networks and rural radio in climate change adaptation in Owerri West Area of Imo-State. The specific objectives were to (a) describe the socio-economic characteristics of the respondent farmers in the study area, (b) ascertain farmers awareness of climate change, (c) describe the effects of climate change on agricultural activities of the respondents, (d) identify the various social networks in the study area and (e) identify roles of various social networks and radio in farmers adaptation to climate change. A simple random sampling method was used to select one hundred and twenty (120) farmers for the study. Frequency distribution percentages and mean were used in the analysis of data collected. Results of the study showed that majority of the respondents (76.7%) were males with a mean age of 53years. Results indicate that all the respondents were very much aware of climate change. Farmers also ascertain high rainfall, flooding, decrease in crop yield, erosion, storage losses and hot temperature (hot heat) as their observation due to effects of climate change. Social networks include cooperatives, age grades, town unions and religious groups etc. Some recommendations include: (a) Education of farmers about climate change and their modern adaptation measures which could be achieved by organizing seminars, conferences and programmes on climate change regular for them. (b) Government should link and collaborate with the farmers organization (social networks), research institutions and meteorological centres that will help in order to access information, design appropriate and affordable adaptation measures to climate change.

Keywords: Adaptation, Climate Change, Farmers, Radio, Rural, Social Networks

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