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Religion and Politics in the Context of National Development


The quest of every nation in the world upon attaining the status of a state is to attain sustainable national development aimed at improving the socio-economic well-being of its citizenry. National development is a multi-faceted transformation of every sector of a nation vis-a-vis economy, politics, religion, science and technology, and medicine among others. This will improve citizens’ standard of living, reduce the mortality rate and improve the life expectancy rate. This national development goal can only become a reality through the interplay between the various systems that make up a nation. One of the major systems within a nation that can determine its development is religion and politics. Religion and politics are inseparable in a religiously pluralistic society like Nigeria. Religious influence on politics is very glaring. Religious politics can be a catalyst for national development if its positive side can be explored. The aim of this paper is therefore to highlight the role that religious politics can play in national development. Descriptive and analytical research method has been adopted based on library and internet materials within the theoretical framework of Aristotle’s political theory of constitution which underscores the fact that everything government does must be for the good of the populace. This correlates with the religious ethical value of doing good to all. The paper finds out that religion and politics are inseparable and if positively explored can help in national development. It is recommended that religious ethical values should be the guiding principles in our political landscape which is essential for national development.

Keywords: Politics, Religion., Sustainable Development

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