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Technology Revolution


The information revolution became recently one of the most sensitive topics in the context of the ongoing international dialogue to analyze the effects of the information revolution and the different ways to control on the development events in the international arena. This is being done at a time when some questions are raise regarding the advantages of globalization on the financial aspects of economic, political, cultural, ideological, media and communication on contemporary international relations. The global economic crisis came recently to support their suspicions. The technology revolution of communications and informatics, which began its first steps with the invasion of human space global after the launch of the former Soviet Union for the first satellite belonging to the land in 1957 to become the move of the main driving forces of globalization, the sequel to the stages of economic successes in the history of mankind since the Industrial Revolution , which did not came down live successes every day, to be brought about discoveries revolution in the field of telecommunications and informatics exceeded the capabilities, the invention of the telegraph in the mid-nineteenth century, the invention of the telephone wire, radio, and Alcinmagrav at the end of the nineteenth century, to come after the invention of television, which has become the slogan of the twentieth as well as the twenty first century to work on the development of qualitative and quantitative methods communication and mass media of internet and the number technology. The international newspapers and magazines are considered one of the important means in the process of exchanging the international media, because of the enormous potential that is owned, whether that potentials are technical ,human, or financial, and they are considered effective means to implement the foreign policy of all over the world.

Keywords: Information Revolution, International Media, International Relations., Technology Revolution

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