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Lobbying and Corruption: A Critical Analysis (Published)

This work critically analyses the concept of lobbying and corruption both of which are means of influencing the government. Specifically, the study looks closely at the distinction between lobbying and corruption with a view to recommending one as a better means of influencing and participating in government. Adopting the structural functional approach as a theoretical framework, the work basically discovers that while lobbying is legal and a profession, corruption on the other hand, is illegal and bereft of any requirement for expertise for those who indulge in it. The structural functionalist theory was adopted because it clearly brings out those governmental structures –the legislature and the executive – responsible for the provision of dividends of democracy and security to the electorates. The work stresses the need for the citizenry to imbibe the “virtues” of lobbying so as to help the legislators and other government officials realise the goal of government which is the extension of the good life to the majority of the citizenry. The paper finally recommends the legalisation of lobbying in Nigeria to enable the citizenry shun political apathy in order to team up with the government to achieve the goal of government as this demands collective responsibility.

Keywords: Bribery, Corruption, Nigeria, lobbying, lobbying bill

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