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The Current War on Gaza: A Challenge to the Principle of ‘The Responsibility to Protect’ (Published)

The current Israel-Palestine conflict on Gaza has erupted early July to avert the rockets fired to southern Israel. The conflict has been exacerbated by the killing of three Israeli teenagers. The conflict intensified and caused the loss of the life of many civilians and destruction of huge materials. Both parties failed to protect civilians. In such circumstances, the principle of “The Responsibility to Protect” requires the international community to step in and safeguard civilians. However, the international community has not taken significant measure to halt the ongoing war on Gaza. And, still the war continues despite the fragile ceasefire agreements. This article argues that for normalization of the two countries’ relations and, thus, protection of civilians from suffer international community needs to take a timely military intervention. If UN had deployed military on the area, the current causalities would not have been happened. Thus, the inaction of international community depicts the absence of genuine application of the principle of R2P, which is merely theoretical.

Keywords: Current War, Gaza, Israel, Palestine, the Responsibility to Protect

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