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Job Satisfaction and Attitude to Work: Implications for Akwa Ibom State Civil Service (Published)

Whereas there is a theoretical nexus between job satisfaction and attitude to work, this paper examined the nature of this relationship and it’s influence on Akwa Ibom State civil service. It was necessary to carry out this research because cases of habitual late arrival at work by all grades of personnel, truancy, loitering, missing and delays in processing of files, absenteeism from duty post, greasing of elbows to curry favour, have been reported in the service which raises concern on the ability of government to deliver effective and timely services to the public. Survey data was collected from 214 respondents through simple random sampling method of five ministries drawn systematically. Hypotheses were tested using Pearson’s Product Moment Correlation. The result of the analysis showed a positive relationship between job satisfaction and attitude to work in Akwa Ibom State civil service implying that a happier civil servant is a productive worker. The adoption of the New Public Management postulations built on the principles of Management by Objectives (MBO) which favours a horizontal structure where all employees are involved at least in some ways in the decision-making process that involves their work was recommended..

Keywords: Civil Servants, Job Satisfaction, Performance

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