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Radiation Hardness

Excellent Outdoor Stability and Radiation Hardness: Cuingase2 Based Thin Film Solar Cell Devices (Published)

Energy crisis in the present circumstances require sustained activities on the renewable sources of energy. India has a lot of potentials to harness and harvest solar energy through photovoltaic devices. In this connection, several industries and institutions are concentrating on the development of solar cell devices in India. The proposed research will be complimentary and very well add many patents or results to the existing literature for the betterment of devices from thin film solar cell materials. Earnest attempts on the development of solar cells mainly, high efficient solar cells are very much needed for the development of photovoltaic industries in India. CuInGaSe2 thin film solar cells have a potential for highest efficiencies on the laboratory scale as well as on the level of large area modules. Thin film modules from CuInGaSe2 show excellent outdoor stability and radiation hardness.Though good efficiencies and other favorable conditions were achieved with these materials, the knowledge of this material is still extremely low compared to what is known for other thin film materials like amorphous Si, crystalline Si or CdTe. The role of intrinsic defects in CuInGaSe2 and their implication on device performance will also be studied in detail.  Microstructural characterisation of the cross-sectional device, as well as the depth analysis of the defect distribution, will be carried out to analyze the factors influencing the properties of CuInGaSe2. Efforts will be made to design the material properties of CuInGaSe2 for tailoring the device performance. In addition, it is proposed to develop HYBRID (inorganic-organic) bulk junction solar cell structures with different approaches. The developed bilayer and hybrid bulk junction solar cell structures will be evaluated. The performance of the developed structures will be optimized from the feedback of the characterization results.

Keywords: Based Thin, Cell Devices, Cuingase2, Outdoor Stability, Radiation Hardness

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