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The Strategy of Practicing Methods of Building Community Partnership among the Heads of Departments in Prince Sattam Bin Abdul-Aziz University (Published)

This study is an attempt to identify the strategies practiced by heads of departments in Sattam Bin Abdulaziz University in building community partnership with individuals and institutions of the local community from their perspective and to identify the statistically significant differences between the scores of participants due to the variables (Scientific Qualification, Years of Work Experience and Number of Training Courses). To achieve the study objective, the two authors designed a questionnaire for “The methods of building community partnership” that consisted of (51) items distributed to (5) domains: (administration, activating the role faculty members, funding and economy, developing the programs of community partnership, and community guidance and awareness). The sample consisted of (58) department heads, randomly selected. The study resulted that the administrative domain occupied the first rank, while the economic domain ranked the last. The arithmetic mean of the participants for the total domains was (2.75), medium-leveled. According to the findings, some recommendations have been made.

Keywords: Prince Sattam Bin Abdul-Aziz University, Strategy, community partnership

Talent Management – An Emerging Strategy To Create a Higher Performing Workforce (Review Completed - Accepted)

This paper describes the concept of talent management as an important pillar of the organizational growth in a holistic way .In this competitive era when each and every firm focuses on their human resource as a valuable asset in order to achieve organization’s objectives. They want to get the best talent from the environment through various means and then managing that talent with complete effectiveness and efficiency. This helps them in maintaining a competitive advantage over others. With this ideology the concept of talent management came into picture. This term came was coined by McKinsey & Company in their publication titled “War on Talent”. Talent management refers to the anticipation of required human capital for an organization and planning to meet those needs. It is the science using Strategic Human Resource Management to improve business value and also to make it possible for companies to reach their goals. Talent management strategies focus on five primary areas: attracting, selecting, engaging, developing and retaining employees. It is very substantial to say that a talent management strategy needs to be linked to the business strategy. Through this paper we want to reflect that the approach of talent management is more evolved and advanced aspect of strategic management

Keywords: Business, Human resource, Objectives, Strategy, Talent management

Impact of HR recruitment process on Jordanian universities effectiveness. (Published)

The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of HR recruitment process on achieving effectiveness for Jordanian Universities.

The variables of this study consisted of independent variable (HR recruitment process) and dependent variable (Jordanian universities. effectiveness).

The study employed the statistical analytical descriptive approach based on the literature review approach and field work to test the study hypothesis.

The population of this study Consisted of HR managers and heads of HR departments in Jordanians universities

A sample of40 heads and managers of HR in Jordanian universities was randomly selected.

The study used a questionnaire as a tool to collect data and to measure study sample individuals attitudes toward the impact of recruitment process on Jordanian universities effectiveness.

The findings of the study indicates that there is an impact of individuals attitudes toward HR recruitment process on Jordanian universities effectiveness in the following order, HR recruitment strategy, HR recruitment resources, HR recruitment strategy obstacles, HR recruitment ethics and HR recruitment sources evaluation.

The findings also, indicate that there is a positive correlation with statistical significant at significant level ( 0.05≥α ) among study sample individuals attitudes toward all dimensions of independent variable and dependent variable.

Although the findings indicate that there is impact of every independent variable dimension on dependent variable.

The study recommended that Jordanian universities have to pay more attention to HR recruitment ethics and diversify their external HR recruitment resources in order to reach justice and equality for the applicants and to increase effectiveness through recruitment of qualified applicants.


Keywords: Effectiveness Internal & External Sources, Ethics, Evaluation, HR Recruitment, Obstacles, Strategy

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