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Promoting Strategic Relationship Management Amongst Stakeholders for Organizational Success: A Case of Tertiary (University) Students in Ghana (Published)

Strategic management entails planning, organizing, developing, controlling and implementing activities effectively within the organization to achieve corporate strategic goals and objectives. Furthermore, strategic management involves effective resource allocation, reviewing internal processes and monitoring the external factors that might impact the enterprise. It is in this vein that when the relationship management of stakeholders within the entity is not handled / tackled expertly and there are squabbles and nuances, the success of the business would be jeopardized. This would lead to loss of investment from shareholders, which consequently, would cause irreparable damage and possibly, demise of the enterprise. Management should therefore, be circumspect to alleviate all misunderstandings amongst the stakeholders for transparency in all facets of the organization, and allow the conditions of service to work as endorsed and agreed upon by the stakeholders. Moreover, communication should be effective and allowed to flow seamlessly with harmony amongst the stakeholders and effective decision making by management to promote a viable organization for competitive advantage.  

Keywords: Organizational Success, Relationship Management, Strategic Management, communication and harmony, stakeholders, transparency


Today we are living in a global economy. Computer based information system has changed the scenario of business. SHRIS is a system that has completely re-engineered the management style. Managers are termed as knowledge workers today. SHRIS has brought revolutionary changes in performing different strategic human resources tasks like recruitment and selection, training and development and it leads to job satisfaction, employee empowerment and promotions ,business process reengineering, more involvement in decision making. The main aim of this research is to highlight the impact of Human resources information system and strategic Human resources Management on organizational performance. Human resources information system has a strong relationship and positive impact on various strategic human resources management decisions whereas organizational performance depends on Strategic Human resources management.

Keywords: Business Process Re-engineering, Employee empowerment, Human resources information system, Job Satisfaction, Recruitment & selection, Strategic Human resources information system, Strategic Management, employee promotions, training and development

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