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The Role of Human Resource Professionals (HRP) In Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): A Case Study of Pakistan State Oil (PSO) (Published)

The current research investigates the role of Human Resource professionals (HRP) in promoting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the public sector of Pakistan. Pakistan is part of the developing nations and is facing serious socio-economic, environmental, and political problems; partly because Pakistan has remained under the influence of British colonial rule.  The long British colonial rule left serious administrative issues throughout the Indian subcontinent. This paper has identified a number of obstacles to integrating HRM and CSR that companies in Pakistan is facing. These obstacles are cultural, legal framework of corporate structure, rules and regulations regarding employee’s rights, which are a part of the CSR landscape. Corporate social responsibility is getting more popular in the HRM literature, where HR managers’ role is of greater significance for achieving CSR objectives. The authors develop a conceptual framework, which can help in strengthening and promoting links between HR and CSR resulting in achieving organizational, social, and financial objectives. In light of the findings, policy implications and recommendations are discussed in last section of the paper.

Keywords: CSR, HR Professionals, HR and CSR Nexus, HRM, Pakistan, Public Companies, The Role of HRD


The Health sector in the Pakistan is facing many problems to provide the Health facilities to the masses spread over the country. The most challenging problem is the shortage of Doctor’s as compared to the population. Most of the professional Doctor’s prefers to serve in the abroad instead to serve in Pakistan. There are the many determinants of turnover in the Health Department. The objective of this study is to investigate the factors such as Pay, Promotion, Job Safety and Security, Nature of the Work that effect the job satisfaction level and that are the cause of turnover of employee’s in the Autonomous Medical Health Institutions in the Pakistan. The factors of job satisfaction are such as Pay, Promotion, Job Safety and Security, Nature of the Work. The sample of the research is consist of 200 doctors, nurses, administrative and accounts staff working in Autonomous Medical Health institutions in the Punjab. Out of total 270 Questionnaires distributed in the Autonomous Medical Institutions of the Punjab 200 were received back and used for analysis. For data analysis/results the SPSS 20.0 is used.

Keywords: Doctors, Job Satisfaction, Medical Institutions, Pakistan, Turnover


Employee loyalty can be defined as employees being committed to the success of the organization and believing that working for this organization is their best option. The aim of the study was to find the impact of organizational commitment on employee loyalty in Pakistani organizations. This study also finds out the relationship between financial benefit, manger attitude and organizational commitment. At last, the factors affecting employee loyalty was also determined. To achieve the aim of the study questionnaire survey was used. The results show that there is a positive and significant impact of organizational commitment on employee loyalty in Pakistani organizations.

Keywords: Employee loyalty, Organizational Commitment, Pakistan, financial benefit, manager attitude

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