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Access and Use of Information Sources by Agricultural Researchers of Fadis and Mechara Agricultural Research Centers, Ethiopia


Access and use of information is required to improve agricultural production and productivity. Information is believed to be the foundation for improved agriculture. There are different sources of information but what matters are ‘what’ sources are available and relevant to the different categories of users and what sources of information are useful for their different seeking behavior, and mainly for utilization in order to accomplish tasks/needs. This study was conducted to assess the access and use of information sources by agricultural researchers in Fadis and Mechara Agricultural Research Centers of Ethiopia. The went further to identify how researchers search, articulate and utilize the information sources. Questionnaire was used to collect quantitative data and focus group discussion and observation were used to qualitative data from the entire researchers of the two Research Center. The collected data was analyzed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) version 23 and triangulation respectively. Findings revealed that majority of researchers have physical access to computer in office while some of the researchers have no computer access even in office. The available computers are not fully functional because of the absence of skilled ICT person who maintain the damaged computer at the centers. The use of internet and library visit is not adequate in the study areas thereby led to minimum satisfaction to existing information services. The study therefore recommended that effort should be made to train specialists to keep the available information sources effective and efficient so as to improve information access and utilization.

Keywords: Access, Ethiopia, Information, Sources, researchers, use

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