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Effect of Different Processing Techniques of Kenaf Grain Meal in The Diets of Rabbits


Kenaf grain is rich in protein and energy but there is need for further processing for maximum utilization by livestock. Feed processing has been found to improve feed intake, weight gain and nutrient digestibility.  A total of forty-eight crosses of Chinchilla and white California weaned rabbits of mixed sexes of mean weight 543.45±3.6g   were used for the feeding trial that lasted for 90 days.  Kenaf grain was processed by three different methods before incorporation with other feed ingredients. Four diets were formulated in which kenaf grain was not processed which served as Control (P1), Diet 2 (P2), Roasting of KG, Diet 3 (P3), Soaking of KG in water for 24 hours before air-drying, Diet 4 (P4), Cooking of KGM with water for 10 minutes before air-drying. The diets were formulated to contain 16% crude protein and energy of 2600kcal Metabolizable Energy/kg. Data were collected on feed intake, weight gain, feed conversion ratio and nutrient digestibility among others. The feed intake was significantly higher in P2, P3 and P4 containing roasted soaked and cooked kenaf grain meal as compared to diet containing unprocessed kenaf grain meal (P<0.05). The weight gain of the rabbits improved when KGM was roasted, cooked or soaked before incorporated with other feed ingredients (P<0.05). The efficiency of feed utilization was relatively similar in the diets containing processed kenaf grain meal. The crude protein and crude fibre digestibility were lowered at P1 containing diet with raw KGM (P>0.05). The results of carcass analysis showed that the dressed weight and dressing percentage were better in the diet containing processed KGM. It could be concluded that processing of kenaf grain meal by roasting, soaking and blanching improved feed intake, nutrients digestibility, weight gain and dressing percentage of rabbits.

Citation: Popoola, Y.A., Olorungbohunmi, T.O., Omodewu, I.A, Oladele-Bukola, M.O., Ajayi S. R, and Omole, A.J (2023) Effect of Different Processing Techniques of Kenaf Grain Meal in The Diets of Rabbits, Global Journal of Agricultural Research, Vol.11, No.1, pp.10-16

Keywords: Feed Utilization, Feed ingredients, Kenaf, digestibility

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