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Bio-Priming to Improve the Seed Germination, Emergence and Seedling Growth of Kale, Carrot and Onions


There is increasing interest in the use of bio-priming as a means of growth promotion through the efficient use of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria as an economic and efficient means of treating crops.  This study was carried out to examine the effect of bio -priming using Bacillus subtilis and Serratia nematodiphila on the seed germination, seed emergence and plant growth of the seedlings of vegetable seeds (kale var. Collard, carrots var. Nantes, and onion var. Detroit red).  Bio-priming involved soaking 2 g of seeds in 5ml/l for both  Bacillus subtilis ( 2.4×107  cfu/ml) and Serratia nematodiphila solution (2.4 cfu/ml) and distilled water (control) for 20 minutes and then  left to air dry for 30 minutes.  Germination was assessed after 8 days. Seedling emergence and growth was assessed by sowing treated seeds in a seedling media in a controlled environment.  The results show that combined germination percentage of all three species for the three treatment was: Water control 59.00%, Bacillus 65.33% and Serratia nematodiphila 69.66%, water being significantly lower (P= 0.05) than the two microbial treatments. The combined mean height of all three species for the three treatments after three weeks was: Water control 4.33 cm, Bacillus subtilis 8.68cm and Serratia nematodiphila 9.31cm, water being significantly lower (P= 0.05) than the two microbial treatments.

Keywords: Bacillus Subtilis, Bio-priming, PGPR, Serratia Nematodiphila

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