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The Role of Mass Media in Crisis Management in Nigeria


The role played by the media in the resolution of conflicts and crises cannot be overemphasized. The media has been a vital channel for resolving crises in society. The media has been construed as a two-edged sword that can either instigate a crisis or provide an avenue for resolving it. In other words, the influence of the mass media can be both positive and/or negative, depending on the mode and direction of use. Apparently, media influence has increased tremendously in the last decades, but there is no agreement among scholars and researchers on the degree and tenacity of its influence in managing and resolving conflicts and crises in society. The media, by right and duty, must provide citizens with accurate, comprehensive, unbiased, and high-quality information on the causes, effects, and possible resolutions to avert a further deepening of the crisis, which could lead to the destruction of lives, properties, and the economy. Put differently, the media are always known to set agendas for the public to follow; they do this by raising salient and critical issues as they unfold in society and bringing them to the public. The media set an agenda of peace, love, unity, etc. In recent times, Plateau State, especially Jos, has been characterized by one form of crisis or another, which in turn leads to the loss of lives and properties. This research work therefore attempts to examine the relevant role played by the media in resolving the lingering crises in Northern states, particularly Plateau State. In addition, the research examines the way and manner in which the media have been used to manage the crises in Nigeria. The aim of this study is to analyse the role of the media in crisis management in Nigeria. The specific objectives were to establish the media accessibility level and the various types of media coverage; to establish the extent to which media escalated and/or de-escalated violence; and to determine how media could influence selected human factors towards crises. The research utilized both primary and secondary source materials. Other reference materials, such as newspapers, the internet, and journals, were used to gather information about the activities carried out by the media in times of crisis. The research concludes that the media have a crucial role to play in de-escalating crises.

Keywords: Crisis, Crisis Management, Mass Media, Nigeria, Plateau State

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