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Internally Displaced Persons in Nigeria: Durable Solution, Assessment and Reviews


The protracted internal displacement crisis in Nigeria has led to significant challenges for the affected population and has strained the country’s resources and infrastructure. This paper focuses on the issue of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Nigeria, exploring the concept of durable solutions, the importance of comprehensive assessments, and the necessity of regular reviews in addressing their plight. The concept of durable solutions forms the cornerstone of addressing displacement crises, aiming to provide sustainable outcomes for IDPs. This study examines the three recognized durable solutions: voluntary return, local integration, and resettlement, and analyzes their applicability in the Nigerian context. It emphasizes the need for a holistic approach that considers socio-economic factors, security conditions, and the protection of IDPs’ rights. Comprehensive assessments play a vital role in understanding the needs and vulnerabilities of IDPs, facilitating informed decision-making and resource allocation. This study highlights the importance of conducting thorough assessments, including demographic data, living conditions, access to basic services, and psychosocial support. It emphasizes the role of government agencies, humanitarian organizations, and research institutions in undertaking these assessments to guide effective interventions. Regular reviews of displacement situations are crucial to monitor progress, identify gaps, and adapt strategies accordingly. This study emphasizes the significance of periodic evaluations of policies, programs, and interventions aimed at addressing internal displacement in Nigeria. It underscores the importance of stakeholder involvement, including IDPs themselves, in these review processes to ensure their perspectives are considered and their voices heard. Furthermore, the work acknowledges the challenges inherent in addressing the plight of IDPs in Nigeria, including limited resources, security concerns, and the complexity of the underlying causes of displacement. It emphasizes the need for a coordinated and multi-stakeholder approach, involving the government, humanitarian actors, civil society, and the international community, to achieve durable solutions for IDPs.

Keywords: Displacement, Idps, Nigeria, durable solutions, humanitarian disaster

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