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Language Use and Effective Leadership Communication in A Democratic Society


A study was carried out in Imo State, Nigeria, on the language use and effective leadership communication in a democratic society. Respondents are people with leadership positions in 0rganizations. Three hundred and fourteen respondents were sampled answered questions structured in 5-point Likert scale.  Data were analysed using descriptive statistical methods.  Majority of the respondents agreed that leaders should set goals and targets; carry everyone along for a peaceful, progressive society. Majority of respondents too, strongly disagreed that members of a society must always carry out leader’s orders without asking questions. High number of the respondents also strongly agreed that a leader should have good communication skills; be strategic, emotionally intelligent, and always use positive phrases devoid of ambiguous expressions. Possibly, leaders can communicate to the society in their indigenous language. Language shapes the society; good leaders should apply polite strategies in their communication with citizens, this enhances effective communication and helps the leader to gain acceptability for growth and development in the society.

Citation: Onuh C.N. (2023) Language Use and Effective Leadership Communication in A Democratic Society, Global Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Vol.11, No.3, pp.1-15

Keywords: Democratic, Effective Communication, Language, Leadership, Society

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