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Religion and Nation Building in Nigeria: A Critique


From its etymological definition, religion connotes relationship, bond and reverence. Ipso facto, it ought to be fundamental and a veritable tool for nation building, if nation building implies a systematic process of making a people with cultural and ethnic differences become integrated as one and feel belonged under one nation. Unfortunately, religion as it is practiced in Nigeria by the adherents of the dominant religions: Christianity, Islam and African Traditional Religion, rather than integrate the peoples of Nigeria, turns out to be one of the major causes of conflict and division among Nigerians. What is the reason behind this paradox? The philosophical method of critical analysis is employed to dissect the historical cause of this in view of finding lasting solutions. On this, the nature and mode of propagation of these faiths in Nigeria is identified as the major cause of the seed of division witnessed among these religions. If only the government and the religious leaders would liaise to educate the populace on the need for religious tolerance and freedom of worship, religion would have assumed its natural role of bridge building among the peoples of Nigeria.

Citation: Igbokwe A.C. (2022) Religion and Nation Building in Nigeria: A Critique, Global Journal of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, Vol.10, No.11, pp.37-46

Keywords: Nation Building, Nigeria, Religion.

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