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How Nature of Duty Influence Private Security Employee’s Engagement in Criminal Activities in Nakuru Town Municipality, Nakuru County- Kenya (Published)

Private security industry is increasingly recognized as playing an important role in fostering conditions conducive to development, investment and growth. Despite the rapid growth of the sector, there are no regulations or requirements in terms of the training and vetting of guards, and the quality of training and services vary considerably from one company to another company. Given the unevenness of training and standards, concerns are frequently raised about the quality and integrity of security staff with unconfirmed reports that guards are in collusion with criminals. This study examined factors that influence private security firm’s employees to engage in criminal activities in Nakuru Municipality. Objectives that guided the study included; to examining how the nature of duty influence private security employees to engage in criminal activities, to determine the influence of job capacity requirement on employees engagement in criminal activities, to establish the effectiveness of measures employed by private security firms to curb criminal activities among its employees and how work environment influence private security employees in engaging in criminal activities. This study used survey research design. Multi-stage sampling procedure was adopted in selecting both the study area and sample units. Whereas purposive sampling was used in selecting study area and six key informants, stratified random sampling was used to select employees from various private security firms. The study was grounded on Routine activity theory and Control theory .The study results revealed that quite a number of employees in all these services have experienced or engaged in crime. However, there is correlation of 0.5 and 0.6 respectively between guarding and cash in transits services. The results indicate that guarding and cash in transits employees mostly engage on crime. It is also evident from the results that security firms places; low emphasis on academic qualification, relevant training, relevant skills and high emphasis on certificate of good conduct, age, health/physical fitness gender; as pre-qualification requirement for employment. The study recommends that security firms should provide working environment that embraces growth and capacity development of the employees. These would include; better training to deter crime, adoption of technology, security briefing, crime warnings, screening and involvement of police in crime management


Keywords: Security, Work Environment, criminal activities, nature of duty, private security crime, private security employees

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